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Supplier Selection

At Askews and Holts Library Services we believe that when it comes to individual libraries stock selection, ‘one model does not fit all’ and to meet every libraries needs, we offer a comprehensive supplier selection service for new and backstock selection, through our recently enhanced service; Cascade. 

Our service extends to the selection of all media.  Whether your library requires books, DVD’s or eBooks, our service will select new or back stock material, to your specification, on either an annual basis or an ad-hoc basis for new library, stock replenishment or refurbished libraries. 

Libraries can determine the level of involvement they wish to have in the creation of the specification and the ongoing management of the service. Our solution is flexible and provides libraries with the opportunity to self manage their budget or for this to be ‘fully managed’, by Askews and Holts Library Services experienced selectors. 

New title selections will always be made prepublication and libraries can choose whether they wish to review the selections before they order or to have their orders generated automatically, each month, using EDI quotes or the firm order option. 

To complement the rise of the stock management product, we have developed Cascade to interact with data provided by any stock management solution and in conjunction with the specification and other aspects of the service - previous sales data, readership levels, star ratings and uniquely developed allocation tools, you can be sure our selections will meet the very specific needs of your own library service. 

For further information on our service, please contact: