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VLeBooks, Askews and Holts eBook service for F.E and H.E Institutions was launched in 2013 and has proven to be hugely popular with both librarians and students alike, with the platform being voted, by students, as the most user-friendly eBook service in a number of institutions.

For the library, multiple licence options and hands-on eBook management tools provide the necessary flexibility and scope to ensure that titles are always available for students, particularly during peak usage times.

Instant licence activation allows the library to quickly satisfy student demand and full MARC21 records, coupled with support for EDI, provide the library with a cost effective acquisitions process.

The student can either read online, using our bespoke online reader or download the eBook to their devices. Online reading offers many additional tools to assist the student in their studies, for example, printing a range of pages and note sharing.

Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)

With three levels of access; purchase suggestions, direct purchase and direct purchase with rental, the library can choose the level of PDA they wish to have for each faculty. Without purchasing a single ebook, the whole VLeBooks catalogue can be made available for selection by students, via the VLeBooks platform. The library has full control of the PDA profile including trigger points, student messages and content.

Additional online features provide the library with comprehensive information on each PDA profile, including full financial detail, analysis of PDA requests by department, usage of PDA rentals/purchases and comparison reports between regular eBook purchases and PDA purchases.

In recognition of the desire for a service that is quick and simple to implement, the VLeBooks PDA service puts control directly into the hands of the library, enabling them to create and launch a PDA profile, across all or specific subjects, in just 48 hours.

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