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Containing print book, eBook and multimedia material, Askews and Holts provide F.E and H.E institutions with free access to an extensive range of academic titles through one website portal:

The website includes comprehensive bibliographical data, order history, library catalogue integration and many other features, all designed to make the selection process for all media as quick and efficient as possible, under the umbrella of one website.

Our own in-house developers work in conjunction with customer feedback to ensure the website is function-rich and easy to navigate from a library user perspective.

Features include:

·         24/7 access to print books, eBooks and multimedia items, suitable for F.E and H.E libraries

·         Daily updates of price, availability and stock holdings

·         Full integration with key Library Management Systems

·         Supports EDI Quotes, 9XX, Quick Click and proposal ordering

·         Multiple search and filtering options including; Dewey, Library of Congress subjects and readership level

·         New title alerting through ‘Cascade’

·         List creation and sharing

·         24/7 order tracking and expenditure information. has and will continue to be at the centre of our developments over the coming years, to ensure it continues to provide our customers with a highly efficient and interactive library acquisition and stock management tool.

For free access to our website, please contact: