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Standing Orders

As part of our solution to streamline selection, Askews and Holts offer a standing order service for high-issuing, established material.

Through our website: we have a dedicated facility for the on-line management of all standing orders; STORM.

STORM provides libraries with comprehensive access to a range of features that enables full management of their standing orders.

This includes: lists of recommended reference material for standing order and a fully featured management information service containing the complete up-to-date profile of a standing order account - providing details of reference titles on standing order, the allocation plan and to assist financial planning and stock management, a full reporting feature.

We firmly believe that customers who adopt the full suite of EDI services operate a cost efficient acquisition process. For this reason, our standing order service is fully compatible with both EDI and our website, ensuring users have full access to titles on order whilst benefitting from a full shelf-ready service.

For further information on our service, please contact: