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Askews and Holts Library Services are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint every year.

We have taken considerable steps in our distribution over recent years and have eliminated our old practice of empty vehicles returning, from our Customers.

Using TNT as our chosen carrier also allows Askews and Holts Library Services to take advantage of zero emission vehicles which form a major part of TNT’s fleet. This initiative by TNT is unique within the UK and shows that we are proactively addressing our impact on the environment and choosing our partners accordingly.

Whilst we are mindful that we take a regular service from Eastbourne to Preston which has an environmental impact, we have more than negated this with other initiatives including recycled packaging, modern heating systems, energy efficient lighting, and the increasing use of conference calls for meetings with stakeholders.

Askews and Holts Library Services will continue to explore other opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint, through the use of energy efficient solutions and services.